Jul 16

Booth Dancing at UpTown Jazz

Jully Black had barely finished inspiring hundreds of KW live music lovers at the UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival to “break through the glass ceiling!” when I happened upon the booth for The Jazz Room on Friday night.

And what did I find? A group of Jazz Roomers dancing to the music, laughing, and talking about the September lineup. Luckily a few of them stood still for a sec for this photo:

Booth Babes: Christopher Ross, Jane Bell, Cynthia Coulis, Stephen Preece, and Meghan Bunce

I thought I was an insider, but there were The Jazz Room hats and t-shirts worn by many that made me feel behind the times!

Be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re at one of great free shows this weekend. But don’t be surprised if people aren’t standing still at the booth…