Sep 05

Live Performance Painting at The Jazz Room!!

Artist Laurie Wonfor Nolan’s recent foray into Live Performance Painting will be an added bonus to The Jazz Room.

Laurie Wonfor Nolan

Laurie will be painting large format jazz portraits during a number of performances beginning with the Mike Murley Septet on September 10. The finished paintings will don the walls of The Jazz Room and will be available for purchase.

In the past Laurie has had the opportunity to share the stage with a diverse range of musicians including Liala Biali, Brandi Desterheft, Ben Grossman and local talent Matt Storch and the Usual Suspects.

Laurie Wonfor Nolan

“I believe there is a direct co-relation between visual art and music. Jazz in particular has a connection that is undeniable. The African American painter and collage artist Romare Bearden claimed he learnt about composition in his work from listening to Earl Hines on the piano. That really resonated with me. 

It sounds ethereal but painting to live music is like channelling sound through paint. The opportunity to work along side these talented interpreters is a thrill for me… and in a way, I get to be part of the band!”

Laurie is represented locally through www.artallies.com

See more of Laurie’s live painting: click here and click here.