Jun 14

Record Hanging Party, Seen In Words

These shots were taken during the changing of the records party June 12th. With a little doctoring from a $0.99 ap, my amateur photography almost captures the mood…

Prime seating for the social or the thirsty.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a picture filled with 1000 words worth?

Can you identify anyone in these scenes?

Lining the walls with Jazz records, near the King Street entrance in 'Dizzy's Lounge'

For a 3rd picture, we can’t forget the 3rd most appealing part of The Jazz Room: the Huether’s 8 locally crafted beers on tap! (3rd behind fine folks and premium jazz…)

Click on the picture to see the finer details, kinda like finding the tiny bubbles in the heart of every Adly’s…

The Huether's beer taps overlook the new stage