Aug 25

Sound Check Extraordinaire

If the dress rehearsal was this good, I can’t wait for opening night.

A handful of lucky jazz fans served as the audience tonight for a live test run at The Jazz Room. The goal of the evening was to find any kinks – sound, lighting, setup, etc. – prior to Sept. 9th’s opening night.

And how was it? Frankly, I was shocked at how fun it was. I had high hopes for the club, yes, but didn’t expect it could be this good. The sense of musical immediacy (you can almost sit on stage if you like) combined with the atmosphere and social vibe were even better than I dared imagine.

Rather than pack this post with superlatives, I’ll stop here and add a few pics from my phone. Holy smokes is KW in for a treat.

So close you almost feel a part of the band.

Who could ask for anything more?

Glass half empty? Refreshments are close at hand.

The view from one of three distinct seating areas.