Friday, April 20 – Avi Granite Quartet

Based in Brooklyn and Toronto, guitarist and composer Avi Granite delivers pure flavor in the form of a quartet.  His originals can move seamlessly from guitar solos to driving kit and evocative horn blends.

“”Avi Granite and his serpentine guitar, half-intellect, half-instinct, fatten up a whole new jazz sound… The music is at once cerebral and playful, unpretentious despite its backward cannonball jumps off the experimental diving board.” – Downbeat Magazine

“Thick ensemble work, strong shape-changing melody narratives, diverse textural colour and a kind of loose togetherness…” – CODA, 2008

Avi’s free jazz is solidly musical and constantly in flux – check out 78 and the Listen section at

Avi Granite

The quartet members for this CD release of Avi Granite’s Verse – Snow Umbrellas, are:

  • Ralph Alessi – trumpet
  • Avi Granite – guitar
  • Jerry DeVore – bass
  • Owen Howard – drums

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