Friday, Oct 26 – Jason White Trio

Jason White brings a set of game changing charts to the stage. Drawing from the intensity of Hendrix, surfacing the compelling bass heads of The Bad Plus, and hitting that nerve where classic jazz meets Zappa.

The jazz trio format allows the piano voice to shine, a role that Jason can kick upstairs. Joining Jason on drums will be Joe Ryan (Toronto) and on electric and acoustic bass Paul Van Dyk (Montreal).

Never bound to the traditional jazz formulas, this group promises to keep you on your toes. The last two performances by the Jason White trio set attendance records, with inspired set lists including Philip Glass, Radiohead, and Thelonius Monk.

Their first album, Opening (a live show at Waterloo Stage Theatre) demonstrates their command of a free-moving Jazz approach. The group is exceptionally talented, and a true joy to listen to. For a sample of their music, please visit:

Jason White

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