Friday, Sept 21 – Glenn Buhr Trio: Bill Evans Tribute

Glenn Buhr’s decorated career in composition and piano performance has spanned genres from symphonic and film to the jazz quartet.  This evening, Glenn brings the musical genius of Bill Evans to the stage in a tribute to the man behind the standards.

Buhr and Evans share a skill with truly distinctive tune-smithing. The kind of talent for inventive melody that led to Evans celebrated ballads like Waltz for Debby. Evans is perhaps the most influential jazz pianist of his time. His trademark rhythmic independence and his singing melodic lines that have made their mark on a generation of pianists.

In the same vein, Glenn’s “melodies are wonderfully evocative, from poundingly percussive Jackhammer to hymn-like Steal Away, fully fleshed out with carefully voiced harmonies or even well-orchestrated accompanying lines. Buhr’s sense of composition and structure ultimately makes this an exceptional outing.” – The Globe and Mail

Glenn Buhr

As a composer, music curator and producer, band leader, and improvisational pianist, Glenn has had an impact from Montreal to Winnipeg.

Programmatic in content and often Romantic in style, Glenn Buhr’s music has been inspired by such writers as Tolkien, Joyce, and Tagore, and has been influenced by such composers as Dukas, Ravel, Schoenberg, Penderecki, Bill Evans and Elliott Carter.

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