Saturday, Nov 24 – Rebecca Binnendyk Quintet

Drawing on her lead of the Phoenix Jazz Group, Rebecca’s soulful and playful alto hits the stage at the jazz room.   The quintet’s playlist is a perfect mix of swing, ballads, contemporary and blues.

  • Rebecca Binnendyk – vocals
  • Robin Habermehl – horns
  • Mark McIntyre – bass
  • Jimmy Boudreau – drums
  • Andriy Tykhonov – keys

Rebecca Binnendyk

Rebecca’s ballads are candid and personal including touching performances of  The Nearness of You and You’ve Changed.  Fronting the jazz trio and quintet, Rebecca’s work has been featured on Jazz FM.

Rebecca’s influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Sophie Milman, and Meaghan Smith, whose sounds she culminates to create a rich, soulful style of her own.

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