Welcome to the Jazz Room

Hey music fans!  Welcome to the Jazz Room!

We’re a great music venue in UpTown Waterloo.  We have killer jazz groups playing here every Friday and Saturday night during Jazz Season (which runs September through June)!  These groups come from KW, across Canada and around the world, to play at what has been called Ontario’s best jazz club!

The Jazz Room features world-class bands right at your door-step; an attentive, appreciative audience; and a casual atmosphere that evokes the great clubs of the past, along with a great menu and fine selection of locally-brewed beverages.

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All of your questions about tickets, schedules, etc are answered on our home page… or if not, click the Contact tab above to shoot us a message.


And now… check out this great video of Rebecca Binnendyk, a fabulous local singer, filmed live at the Jazz Room!  Rebecca will be back on June 21st… don’t miss that show!  See you here soon!