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Record Hanging Party, Seen In Words

These shots were taken during the changing of the records party June 12th. With a little doctoring from a $0.99 ap, my amateur photography almost captures the mood… If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a picture filled with 1000 words worth? Can you identify anyone in these scenes? For a 3rd …

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Record Hanging @ The Jazz Room

Philip Bast takes you inside the Huether Hotel for a transformation in decore, moving from rock’n’roll to a little something jazzy: Rock comes down, jazz goes up. Nothing against 4 beats per measure and 3 chords a song, but sonority at the Huether is about to get a whole lot more creative than the Steve …

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Jazz Hopping in KW

Local musicians featured at The Registry are optimistic about the rise of jazz in the region with the emergence The Jazz Room. The Record: Trio of top K-W musicians close out Jazz at the Registry

Rebuilding a Piano

Darin White of is at it again, this time documenting the rebirth of the piano that will soon grace The Jazz Room’s stage. Insiders get a sneak peek into the workshop of Waterloo’s own piano master, William Horne. You can see all the details here at See more great shots of the piano’s …

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The Jazz Room Logo Unveiled

Jazz lovers in the KW region have a new visual cue that great music is nearby:

Annual Passes on Sale

Walk-up cover charges for The Jazz Room’s Friday and Saturday night shows won’t be collected until September, but pre-purchased Annual Passes are now available! Annual Passes are a great value for jazz fans who’ll be regularly attending shows, with up to $1200 of walk-up costs covered in a single pass costing only $300. Due to …

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The Jazz Room in The Record

In case you missed Saturday’s Record, Stephen Preece and The Jazz Room were the subject of much attention. Good attention, that is. You can see the full clipping of the story right here, pictures and all. Enjoy!

Jazz society finds a home in Huether Hotel

Thanks to Terry Pender for covering the roots of KW’s up-and-coming jazz club. The Record:  Jazz society finds a home in the Huether Hotel

Building A Stage

Local blogger Darin White takes us for a photographic tour of The Jazz Room’s stage construction. This collection of over a dozen pictures give an insider’s view into the making of a club.

The Very First Post

It’s an epic occurrence: the first of many postings at What contentious opinions will be expressed here? Which authors will grace these pages? What strokes of insight will be discovered? We have many months to find out! Expect this soon to become a hub for local performers’ thoughts, for armchair musicologists, and for special …

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