Sonic Perfume – presented by NUMUS

October 6, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

NUMUS presents: Sonic Perfume


The instrument group Sonic Perfume could be described as a free-jazz-garage-rock-fusion group, but that isn’t quite right. Just like their music, the boundaries are crossed; splitting members between Ontario and Michigan, Phil Albert, Patrick O’Reilly, Patrick Booth, and Jonathan Taylor as Sonic Perfume constantly mix the idea of composition and improvisation in their performances, mashing up often contradictory sound aesthetics, and drawing on the many sounds and styles that we love, such as ambient/electronic, jazz, metal, pop, many folk musics, and 20th Century ‘classical’ music. The group creates memorable, often sing-able, and always adventures journeys through time with their audiences, specifically taking influence and direction from the spaces and people present during performances.

Sonic Perfume is an adventurous quartet that spans across the lines and borders of jazz as well as geographical locations. Splitting members between Canada and Michigan, Patrick Booth,Jonathan Taylor, Phill Albert, and Patrick O’Reilly continue to push their unique jazz and creative music forward, creating a compelling group sound.

  • Patrick Booth – sax
  • Jonathan Taylor – drums
  • Phill Albert – bass
  • Patrick O’Reilly – guitar

Please note: Grand River Jazz Society passes are accepted at this event.