Dec. 16 ~ Senensky, Tank, and Warren ~ Organ Delight, the B-3 Trio

Dec. 16 ~ Senensky, Tank, and Warren ~ Organ Delight, the B-3 Trio

If you’ve never heard a B-3 organ, are you in for a wonderful treat! The warmth and Bluesy Jazzy tone that radiates from this magnificent instrument is truly amazing.

Bernie Senensky

The Senensky, Tank, and Warren trio are no strangers to the K-W Jazz community, but for this performance, they have brought a classic Hammond B-3 organ!!! And Bernie Senensky is no stranger to the instrument, by far. It’s not the same as playing piano ~ not the same as any other keyboard really ~ and Senensky is a true virtuoso on the B-3.

Also joining him are other exceptionally talented and respected players, Ted Warren (drums) and John Tank (saxophone).

Together, they are going to make the lay down a Jazz groove that will bring a smile to your face and a jolt to your heart. This is NOT an evening to miss.

Some highlights:

  • you may have heard them “Live from the Registry” which is also the title of their CD (The John Tank Group)
  • tenor saxophonist John Tank returns from a tour of NYC – this is a real “cat” and not a cheap imitation – think Sonny Rollins with a key blend of style
  • all three are exceptional musicians, well respected, and well seasoned… each in their own right, and tonight they are gonna get things moving

Come join us for a night to remember!

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