How To Book The Jazz Room

The Jazz Room is a great venue for musical and dramatic performances, for dressy parties and informal gatherings. Putting on a show or hosting a dinner at the Jazz Room is easier than you think!  There are several categories of shows:

    • 1. Room Bookings: Sunday through Wednesday, some Thursdays, and all week long in July and August, the Jazz Room is available for your booking. Whether you’re looking to put on a show or host a private dinner, the Jazz Room is the right classy yet casual venue for your event.  The Jazz Room will seat up to 120 people.Since the Jazz Room is run as a partnership between the Grand River Jazz Society (GRJS) and the Huether Hotel, there are two steps to making a rental booking:    (a) Call the Huether Hotel and book the room. Provided that the Huether can serve food and beverages during the event, and that they can bring in $1000 in food/drink revenue, the Jazz Room is free to rent!  Just call 519-886-3350, ask to book the Jazz Room, and provide a few details about your event.  It’s prudent to check back a couple of weeks before your event, to confirm your details and make any special arrangements you may want (e.g. purchasing a cake to be served at your event).   (b) If you just want the room for your event, you’re done! If you would also like the use of the GRJS sound and lighting system, as well as the services of an experienced engineer, the GRJS provides this service on a cost-recovery basis. We charge $200 for an engineer to set up ahead of the event, run lighting and sound during your event, and then tear-down the GRJS equipment afterwards (up to an 8-hour call included in the price). The charge also includes rental of any/all of the instruments (piano, drum kit, guitar amp) and sound/lighting equipment.  Contact the Grand River Jazz Society at  to book an equipment rental and engineer.
    • If you are booking the room for a show which would appeal to Jazz Society pass-holders, pending Jazz Society Board approval we will gladly mention your show on our calendar, in exchange for our pass-holders receiving free admission to your show – please mention this when you email us.  Aside from this, and from the use of our engineer and equipment (as noted above), please note that the Jazz Society does not do promotion for, nor assist with running, events happening in the Jazz Room.


    • 2. GRJS (Grand River Jazz Society) Headline Shows
      These shows run just about every Friday and Saturday night, from September through June (we take a break during July and August). The not-for-profit, volunteer-run Grand River Jazz Society (GRJS) puts on high-quality jazz shows featuring top local, national and international artists. Because we book only two shows per week, but operate 40+ weeks of the year, these shows are half-way between a fully-curated series (e.g. a jazz festival) and an open venue (e.g. a regular jazz club). Over time, we try to have a good mix of performers, styles, lead instruments, places of origin, etc, and this influences whom we book and when.A GRJS booking means that we pay you a pre-determined fee, and handle sound and lights for you. We also handle ticket sales and some promotion, though we ask that you promote your show as well.  We ask that the shows begin at 8:30 PM and run until approximately 11:30 PM, with 2 set breaks.Most of the bookings are done by invitation. Our Artistic Director, Mark Kelso, curates the national and international shows, while a booking committee in the GRJS handles up-and-coming groups, local artists, and others. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in being booked: 


That’s it! If you have any questions about these processes, please contact us at