About The Jazz Room

The Huether Hotel

The Jazz Room, operated by the Grand River Jazz Society (GRJS), is Waterloo Region’s newest social hub around which people gather to appreciate great music.

Since September 9, 2011, professional calibre jazz has been presented in a night club format on a regular basis on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Jazz Room is located at street level at 59 King Street N., Waterloo within the venerable Huether Hotel.

With a stellar offering of the finest local musicians, as well as those from Toronto and beyond, The Jazz Room has quickly become one of the most important cultural resources in the Region. Exceptional stage, fine acoustics, and first rate instruments, combined with a comfortable club setting with excellent sight lines, The Jazz Room sizzles with excitement on weekends from September through June.

This venue provides the street-level night-life that is the hallmark of great cities all over the world. A first-rate music club is a tangible community resource the community can point to as a marker of a culturally vibrant and livable city.

We look forward to seeing you at The Jazz Room this season.


The Board of Directors is very excited about the way our community is stepping up to support the Jazz Room. As the community becomes more and more engaged, we are building community through music!!

See how our partners, sponsors, and volunteers are helping to make the Jazz Room a viable venue for people who love music.