Friday, Sept 28 – Andriy Tykhonov Quartet: Russian Roulette

Andriy Tykhonov’s piano lead is inspired by two decades of performances both in the Ukraine, where he is recognized as one of the country’s leading jazz pianists, to southern Ontario where he has commanded concert halls in Toronto and across Waterloo region.

Andriy’s performing genres include swing, bossa nova, samba, ballad, movie themes, ragtime, rock, blues, country and Russian and Ukrainian folk music. This diversity lends inspiration to his improvisation, adding depth to each tune without ever losing the color and intent of its genre. Witness this truly beautiful performance of A Wonderful World as well as the saucy Jazz Room performance of My Heart Belongs to Daddy.

Russian Roulette features two Russian piano players – which will be the last one standing?

  • Andriy Tykhonov and Mark Meitine – keys
  • Clark Johnston – double bass
  • Sean Habermehl – drums
  • Robin Habermehl – saxophone

Andriy Tykhonov

Andriy’s compositions have brought to life elements from stride piano through to swing, and you can look for some of the following releases at the show:

  • June 2008, One More Time (Kitchener, ON)
  • December 2004, Live in Manhattans (Manhattan’s, Guelph, ON).
  • January 2003, Live from the Floor (KWCMS, Waterloo, ON).
  • June 2002, Andriy Tykhonov (Kiev, Ukraine).

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